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Serval Automotive Ltd is an Engineering Consultancy with a vision to improve automotive-related products using a wide range of techniques and skills gained throughout the automotive and engineering industries.

Not only do we have experience from successful contracts with BMW Quality Engineering, multiple years in dealerships, race team work and vehicle customisation, but an extensive network of contacts throughout the Automotive and Engineering industries.

Incorporated in May 2011, Serval Automotive Ltd already has several satisfied clients and is currently seeking to utilise their experience across a wider range of projects.

The core values of the company are to address a definable problem, and conceive, develop and implement a solution that both meets the client's needs and minimises the cost.

Please take a look around our website to find out more about the company, the animal it is named after, and some examples of projects we have been involved in.

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  • Customer-Focused Attribute Improvement and Validation

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  • Production and Quality Consultancy

    Engage us to assist with your engineering problems, specifically in the QA and quality troubleshooting aspects of your production process.

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Identifying Issues

Let us use our experience of German production standards to find, or design test methods for, issues that could be eliminated or standards that could be improved

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Analyse and Solve

We will work to find the root cause of problems and develop and implement both short and long term solutions to match time scales and budget.

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Project Partners

Working closely with you, under the same expectations you have for employees, comes naturally to us. We maintain confidentiality, you get the results.

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From the past to the future

Incorporated in May 2011 by Director Andy Valentine BSc, Serval Automotive Ltd is the realisation of a vision born of a desire to work with cars.

Rather than specialising in a particular type of component or area of a car, Andy believed that it was possible to take "problem solving" as a skill, and implement it across an entire industry. The Automotive industry was the natural choice as ever since he can remember, vehicles have been his passion.

Equally imersed by carving a clay model of a future design, upholstering a component in Alcantara, experimenting with wheel designs using a CAD package, driving a Kart round an ice rink, studying the newest developments in a race series or assisting someone with selecting their next family car purchase, cars make Andy tick.

This healthy obsession was developed further by completing an Automotive Engineering degree specialising in Motorsport Technology at Oxford Brookes University, complemented with some Karting, working with a race team, and even helping a company restore Vintage Rolls Royce and Bentley's at weekends. To help fund this, he worked at an independent car showroom for nearly 5 years, moving from Saturday helper, to collection and delivery driver, through to salesman and eventually a very active role in managing day to day running of the showroom. This developed a keen eye for detail as his responsibilities included checking in used car stock and recording damage. Unable to keep his hands off the cars, he often saved the company a significant amount of money by replacing damaged wing mirrors, seat upholstery and trim components and developed a strong understanding of a huge range of road vehicles, and customers values and desires.

Shortly after forming the company, a contract was won to assist a project run to improve the quality and minimise warranty expenditure on the Integrated Cockpit Module and the Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems of the BMW MINI, built at Plant Oxford. 19 months later, huge improvements were seen after we completed numerous analysis, reporting, development and validation projects to a high standard.

Alongside this contract, we brought another project to life. Taking a classic 80s sportscar, with a 2.5l engine and rear wheel drive, Serval set about making changes that would bring a car with enjoyable driving characteristics up to the standard of comfort, entertainment and luxury that we expect from a modern vehicle.

Project "Newborn" was a learning experience more than a profit making venture, using materials and techniques that were not necessarly familiar to the company, but were focal points of modern car design and development. These included carbon weaves, sythesised suedes, epoxy puttys and matt vinyl wrapping materials.

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"I started Serval out of passion; passion that I want to apply in your business!" - Andy Valentine

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About the African Serval

The serval is a medium-sized wild cat found in Africa. It is known for its Hearing, Speed and Problem Solving abilities. These are attributes that Serval Automotive Ltd aim to apply to your Automotive problems.

One of the most immediately distinctive services of the Serval cat are the large ears set closely together on the top of the head. They also have large hollow structures in their skulls containing their inner ears, which indicate a particularly acute sense of hearing - Serval Automotive Ltd attempt to replicate this with accessibility all forms of contact available and checked continously throughout the day.

Servals have the longest legs in proportion to body size of any feline. This helps them cover ground quickly (with a top speed of 50MPH/80KPH) - This is the second common trait: we have the ability to react quickly to enquiries and access a wide geographical area.

The toes of the African Serval are also elongated and unusually mobile, helping the animal to capture partially concealed prey - This is represented through our approach to root cause analysis, looking beneath the surface and deeper into a problem. This may in turn uncover other hidden faults, but in the long term the outcome will be improved by dealing with the cause and not simply the symptoms.

Although the Serval is a specialist in catching rodents, it is an opportunistic predator whose diet also includes birds, hares, reptiles, insects, fish and frogs - This is representative of the diversity of services which we cover through all different areas of the motor industry. If it involves vehicles, it is our natural target.

While hunting, the Serval may pause for up to 15 minutes at a time to listen with eyes closed. The Serval's pounce is a distinctive and precise vertical 'hop' up to 3.6 metres (12 ft) horizontally from a stationary position, landing precisely on target with sufficient force to stun or kill it - This represents our patience and consideration during analysis of a problem, so that one precise plan can be implemented smoothly to permanently eliminate the issue. We also have huge experience in tracing the source of unwanted/unusual noises through working with world-leading British and German marques.

The serval is an efficient killer, catching prey on an average of 50% of attempts, compared to an average of 38% for leopards and 30% for lions - Despite our size, we maximise efficiency and use our experience to give an outcome that is swifter and less expensive than larger or better known organisiations.

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